How to Choose Your Crop Consultant
The grower should not end up being the teacher

Ask for references.
Invest the time to check them out. Is the firm reputable? Does the firm deliver what it promises?
Is the information reliable?
Do staff members belong to professional societies?
- The National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants, the American Society of Agricultural Consultants, and do they belong to their local state associations?
Are they active in their professional societies?
Do they or have they served as officers? Are they on key committees?
Do key staff members hold any certifications?
- Certified Professional Agronomist, Certified Professional Crop Scientist, Certified Professional Crop Consultant-Independent, Certified Crop Advisor.
Do staff members regularly attend scientific meetings?
North Central Weed Science Society, North Central Entomology Meeting, American Plant Pathology, the Soil Fertility Workshop, and the American Society of Agronomy, etc.
How long has the company been in business?
Have the employees been with the company for more than 1 or 2 years?
What is the company's training program?
Be specific - previous years training program and what are the plans for future training programs? (Include scouts, staff, and managers)
What are the programs offered?
Do the company's programs/services meet your needs?
Does the company have a research program to support it's recommendations?
How is research conducted? (replicated, controlled, and randomized plots)
Company ethics?
Does the company receive compensation for recommending a product? Is there any incentive to find a problem? What is the relationship between products recommended and problems found?
Company Philosophy?
Does the company try to stay technically competent in the areas that it is offering advice and expertise to growers.


C R O P  P R O - T E C H
Prairie Crop Pro-Tech, 2975 110th St., Beaman, IA. 50609  Ph.(641)751-6072
Heartland Crop Pro-Tech, 2240 240th St., New Hampton, IA 50659  Ph.(641)394-4523