Q. What is the CROP PRO-TECH concept?
A. The CROP PRO-TECH concept is a package of agronomic services which combines the pest "Scouting" technique with the gathering of other data as soil tests, seedling germination and observation of other problems. This data is then reported regularly and summarized for you. This enables us to provide more personalized treatment recommendations.
Q. Why should I use the CROP PRO-TECH services?
A. This service will more accurately pin-point your pest agronomic problems on your own fields. In most cases, it will enable you to solve a potential problem before it causes an economic loss. It is designed to maximize your profit. This can be done by reducing costs or increasing profits.
Q. How can you do this?
A. Qualified and trained personnel will observe your entire field on a regular basis throughout the growing season and issue these reports to you. We review the reports and if a problem or potential problem is found, the CROP PRO-TECH manager will make recommendations as to how you might best solve the problem or prevent it from occurring.
Q. How can the CROP PRO-TECH service save me money?
A. An example would be root worm insecticide. Rather than treat on an insurance basis, this service will tell you if it is economically sound for you to use chemicals based on beetle counts and root damage done in your fields. Research shows that data obtained from the previous growing season can allow prediction of root worm problems and treatment needs. Another example would be the discovery of cutworm early enough to treat rather than having to replant.
Q. Why is it necessary to observe regularly?
A. To monitor insect, weed and other pest infestations and to determine when and where it is economical to treat with chemicals, before severe loss is incurred, the field must be monitored on a regular basis . Cutworm, for example, can do severe damage in 2 or 3 days.
Q. Are insects and weeds the only problems you monitor?
  1. No, there are several other pests and problems which could be causing you yield reduction.
  2. Diseases are monitored and recorded for use when considering varieties and cultural practices.
  3. Nematode damage has been observed in many counties and in the state.
  4. Fungus is a hard-to-detect problem unless you are trained.
  5. Nutrient deficiency and other stress symptoms.
Q. Does CROP PRO-TECH sell chemicals?
A. We want to maintain a completely unbiased position so we will not sell or apply chemicals. We have no profit from the use of chemicals. Our job is to maximize your profit. Problems can be solved by a cultural practice, by mechanical means, by a biological control or by the use of chemicals. We are not compensated by any treatment method.
Q. Why can't I do this myself?
A. Our service allows you to devote your time to other areas of you operation. For example, at planting, your time is too valuable to stop and monitor your fields. We specialize is pest management technology and thereby can give you additional expertise.
Q. Will this type of service be very expensive?
A. We are able to offer this service for less than you would normally spend for insecticide application.
Q. Which services are included in the CROP PRO-TECH program?
  1. Test for herbicide carry-over
  2. Cold seed test
  3. Population cot-counts - early and final
  4. Monitor for insects
  5. Monitor for weeds
  6. Monitor for diseases
  7. Monitor for nematodes
  8. Newsletter
  9. Weekly reports
  10. Basic soil test with computerized field mapping
  11. Summary - consultation and next year's recommendations
Q. What other consisting services are available from CROP PRO-TECH?
  1. Soil test arid field mapping available separately
  2. Leaf analysis and interpretations for all crops
  3. Special individual consulting on most agronomic problems


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